Find IT and Engineering Talent

So you can focus more and stress less.

Streamline Your Hiring Process

Your organization needs new IT and engineering talent, but finding the right people in this ultra-competitive job market can feel like navigating a labyrinth. Between competing offers, sky-high expectations, and complex skill nuances — securing the right candidate burns time you don’t have.

With Fōcus, you can let that stress go. Our streamlined hiring process is designed to navigate these complexities so you can reclaim your time and re-focus on the big picture.

With Fōcus as your partner, we will:

  • Define the role you need to hire
  • Deliver the best talent quickly
  • Develop an ongoing relationship with you and your Teammate

Staffing That’s Tech-Savvy and Human-Centric

We get it — the skills you’re looking for in an IT and engineering professional aren’t exactly beginner-level. Your average recruiter might get lost in the technical maze, but that’s where we shine. We’re not just “people-people” — we’re tech-savvy and engineering-wise recruiters who understand the nuances of your complex needs and how to meet them.

On the hunt for talent?

We Find These Professionals:

  • Information Technology
  • Engineering
  • Human Resources
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Accounting

Find the Right Fit in Any Market

In a wildly competitive job market, we have what it takes to find the right talent at the wrong time. Boasting over 15 years in the trenches of IT and engineering recruitment, our track record is proof we can deliver, even in the tightest of labor markets. We’ve helped hundreds of top-tier companies, from startups to Fortune 500 giants, find the perfect candidates.

The Industry’s Best Benefits Sweeten the Deal

We know top talent doesn’t settle for a mediocre offer. That’s why we provide the industry’s top benefits. Fōcus Teammates receive:

Radically Affordable Healthcare

  • FREE Teledoctor consultations
  • $5 copays for generic prescriptions
  • $5 copays for two doctor visits
  • Zero-deductible plan so they can start using insurance right away

Employee Assistance Program

Teammates can receive FREE counseling services for their mental health needs. Teammates also receive legal, health, financial, relationship and emotional well-being services.

Vacation & Holiday Pay

It takes our candidates less than a year to earn a week of vacation. Teammates are also eligible for holiday pay after 90 days on assignment.


Fōcus provides Teammates with a 401(k) retirement that empowers them to invest in their future, with Ōnin matching contributions of up to 3%.

Ready to Simplify Your Talent Search?

We understand — your plate is full. That’s why we’ve made snagging the tech and engineering stars you need as straightforward as possible. We dive deep to grasp your unique culture before guiding you through our tailor-made 3D hiring process.

Together, we will:

  1. Define the role you need to hire.
  2. Deliver the best talent quickly.
  3. Develop an ongoing relationship with you and our Teammate.

Ready to Simplify Your Life?

 With Fōcus at your side, you can zero in on your core objectives as we take care of the hiring complexities.